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  • Family adjustment to separation and divorce
  • Reduce parent conflict
  • Build effective parenting partnerships
  • Help parents anticipate and understand the feelings and needs of their children during separation and divorce  in order to help them adjust to the changes.
  • Help build successful stepfamilies

Voice of the Child Reports

  • A mutually agreed upon process to provide the court with the views and preferences of the child without any pressure from other sources
  • Summarizes what the child has to say about their experience of family life during the separation and divorce process
  • Respects the child’s right to be heard regarding decisions that affect them
  • Helps the parents to be child-focused
  • Provides a more focused and efficient means to share important information about the family


  • Solution-Focused Brief Therapy with individuals and families
  • Helping children (age 8-18) adjust to separation and divorce
  • Improve parent-child relationships


  • Closed Mediation of Parenting Plan Issues
  • Child Protection Mediation