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About Nadine

Nadine has maintained a successful in private practice in Ottawa since 2002 working with changing families who are navigating the process of separation and divorce.  Nadine is trained in working in a family law environment and endeavours to provide a supportive and safe environment which allows people to openly discuss their issues of importance.  Nadine’s priority is to assist parents to resolve conflict through sensible and child-centred agreements that work well for the children.

Nadine has been working with families in crisis and families involved with the Children’s Aid Society for over twenty-five years.  Nadine began her social work career as a protection worker with the Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa from 1992 to 2001. Nadine’s experience includes having worked as a Clinical investigator with the Office of the Children’s Lawyer from 1998 to 2023; a therapist at the Youville Centre (section 23 school for young mothers) from 2004 to 2013 and has served on various mental health committees in Ottawa.

Nadine is an accredited mediator who assists parents in creating a plan to help reduce conflict, promote stability and to carve a positive path forward.  As a mediator, Nadine believes that the mediation process is an excellent way for parents to identify common interests and to enhance their ability to communicate effectively.

In order to empower children and assist parents in understanding the needs of their children following separation, Nadine prepares Voice of the Child Reports (VOCs) .

Nadine also provides Solution Focused Counselling to adults and youth mainly around the issue of separation and divorce.

Nadine is a retired International Basketball Official.  In her spare time, she travels the world educating and supporting referees.